Swiftflo Revolver Rotary

Our Dairymaster Swiftflo Revolver Rotary parlour is the world’s most advanced rotary parlour system. All of our technology in conventional parlours may be utilized in this system as well as many new developments in this unique design.

Swiftflo Swing

Dairy Farmers choose this milking system based on its ease of operation and high throughput in terms of cows per hour and litres/pounds of milk per operator per hour. Operator and cow comfort are second to none as these parlours are designed to provide maximum comfort with a view to increasing efficiency and throughput.

Computer Management

View our range of computer management solutions including the Dairymaster Milk Manager parlour management software, our unique VoiceAssist communication tool, the Farm Messenger GSM device and our heat detection system the MooMonitor.


Dairymaster Integrated AutoDrafting is a cow sorting system which is unrivalled in terms of performance and build quality. It is available in a choice of 2-way and 3-way integrated autodrafting systems which may be combined when more segregation options are required.


Extensive research brings the Dairymaster Cluster second to none for increased yield and reduced slippage which delivers excellent performance characteristics. The Dairymaster Cluster has developed a well deserved name for being the best on the market.

Backing Gate

Dairymaster has a wide range of backing gates, depending on collecting yard design and customer requirements.

SwiftCool Bulk Tanks

The Dairymaster SwiftCool Milk Tanks have 20% thicker insulation as standard resulting in less heat loss. There is extremely low thermal conductivity with our insulation and it is an environmentally friendly low GWP foam system. Each tank has a sturdy chassis design and each leg of the tank is rated to 12 tons.